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Is Therapy Really Worth It?

This week, a young individual in Glen & Yvette’s life asked if therapy as a single person is worth it and if they would’ve gone to therapy before getting married, how that would have affected their relationship now. The short answer: Therapy is very worth it. But why?

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Episode 143: Leaving a Legacy

February 23, 2023

The Legacy Lately on social media, Glen has been noticing a rise in divisiveness: Black Men vs. Black Women. Each group blames the other for issues in their lives, and it deeply saddens him. It brings him back to why they do the work they do on the podcast. HMAY’s why is to show what […]

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Episode 141: Losing Myself in Motherhood

February 16, 2023

In this episode, Glen & Yvette talk about if we really lose ourselves or become something new. Losing Herself in Marriage & Motherhood Yvette has talked in episodes past about the concept of losing herself in becoming a wife and a mother. (Want to hear those? Check out Episode 136 & Episode 137). Fat Nwigwe […]

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Episode 139: Enjoying the Journey + We Launched an E-Course!

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Episode 139: Enjoying the Journey + We Launched a Course!

February 2, 2023

Right before Christmas, The Henry’s took a trip to Grass Valley in Northern California and stayed at the Triangle Ranch, but the drive up was not exactly easy. Hours of driving filled with frequent bathroom break stops and “Are we there yet?”s started to feel very laborious for Glen. As he drove, he knew he […]

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Episode 130: How to Achieve Balance

October 20, 2022

How do you balance being married, having kids, and having a demanding career? For example, I’ve seen y’all hire a nanny which I know can be a huge help. Is there anything else you do? Listener Question What is Balance & Can you Achieve It? Definition of balance: even distribution of weight allowing someone to […]

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