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Very relatable- I can’t stop listening!

HMAY has really helped me through the struggles of juggling marriage and raising children. The topics that Glen and Yvette discuss are very insightful, detailed, comical (at times) and spiritually enlightening… Please keep them coming!


Binge worthy!

My husband and I are always trying to find new ways to spend time with each other and to spark good conversations. This has replaced TV in our home until we are caught up. My husband has officially told me that I can’t listen to them without him. It’s great!

- Mrs Danny B

So realistic & eye opening!

This podcast has REALLY opened my eyes to what marriage truly is. It helps me realize how much work comes with marriage and how it’s not always going to be all good. I absolutely love [Glen & Yvette]. Truly. Everyone thinking about getting married should listen!

- Anonymous

Gives me life!

This podcast has been such a breath of marital fresh air. I look forward to this podcast and the video that I’ll watch even after listening. The deep conversations, the transparency and the love these two share is amazing. Has been a blessing to my wife and I’s marriage…because they showed us we need a little bit of encouragement in this journey…

- Vincent Blaze

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