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Marriage is sacred, and what you see presented in most media is a lie. HMAY is here to show you what marriage can be when based in the truth.


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Trust & Healing

The laughs, the love, the joy, the excitement. Marriage can yield some incredible moments, but also know that marriage makes you the most vulnerable you have ever been. We created How Married Are You to be the rawest proof of a strong marriage. Our hope is with this look into our Marriage it would bring you healing and knowledge of what true worth looks like in a relationship.


- Honest
- Committed
- Determined
- Seeking Truth
- Capable of Change
- walking in Humility

Glen & Yvette Henry

We are Glen & Yvette, your HMAY podcast hosts, devoted to being the most raw picture of a strong marriage. Through honest conversations about all we’ve grown through and are growing through in our 12 years of marriage, we are excited to share with you all just how married we are!

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Back in 2010, we were right where you are - newly engaged, planning the biggest celebration of our lives, and feeling somewhere between super excited and very stressed. We're sharing exactly what we learned from that season just for you so you can plan well with a good head on your shoulders!

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