What if finding                 
premarital mentorship was right at your fingertips?

What if finding
premarital Mentorship was right at your fingertips?


It's time to get confident about your future marriage!

Premarital counseling is one of the best ways to prepare yourself well for the next season, but finding a well-rounded couple willing to be honest with you can be challenging. And when you’re wedding planning, having time flexibility is everything!


The E-Course designed to set you and your fiancé up for success in your marriage together by equipping you with all the resources you’ll need! Combined with a workbook filled with deep questions and sections for journaling, this seven-module course is packed with…



(12 years to be exact)



(What we wish we knew)



(Everything you should know)


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Modules Discussing...

Meet your teachers!

Glen & Yvette Henry

We are Glen & Yvette, husband & wife duo of twelve years, parents of four, and hosts of the How Married Are You Podcast. We've been through life's many trials together including different upbringings, communication issues, career changes, parenting styles, and so much more. As a couple, we've put the work at the top of our list and regularly see therapists as a couple and individually. We're committed to not just having a marriage, but to have one that thrives! Our goal through everything HMAY is to share what we've learned with you and to be a true testament of what marriage is and what it can be through hard work and dedication!

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Real talks,

Real life

Watch videos at your own pace

Follow along with each module

Take notes as you learn in the workbook

Connect with other people in your season

Feel confident in your relationship

It’s no secret that in the U.S., about 50% of marriages survive. That’s up quite a bit from around 20% in the 1950s. Fewer people are getting married today than ever before, and of those marriages, only half are lasting...

We believe there’s work to be done surrounding marriage - particularly in preparation for real commitment - and that starts when healthy married couples are willing to get real, share wisdom, and equip the next couple in line. Sharing life with someone is a beautiful thing, but marriage is no easy path. Life changes, values, expectations, and so much more can make or break a marriage if you’re not ready for it, so we hope to equip you for when life gives you the unexpected. Solid foundations build strong structures, and we believe the same applies in marriage! It’s time to invest in ourselves, invest in our marriages, and prepare well for the biggest commitment of our lives! One of the ways we can do exactly that is premarital counseling, or in this case, mentorship!

This is for you if...

You're engaged or in a serious relationship

You're wanting a couple willing to get real

You desire to do premarital mentoring at your own pace

You want a thorough reference now and throughout your marriage

You believe in building a strong marriage that lasts the test of time!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I do online Premarital over in-person?

If you're anything like us, we love to really get the most out of the things we invest in. By having an online course instead of in person, you can learn at your own pace and re-watch whenever you want! Premarital mentoring can also be expensive, which is hard when you're budgeting for a wedding! Doing an online course helps cut down that cost. We do want to stress that we also believe doing life with others is important and highly recommend getting a mentor couple after the course to go over any personal questions you have!

Is there a way to connect with other students in the same life season?

The Engagement Season is no joke, so we wanted to provide you with a resource to not only connect with other students, but with us and our team as well! Once you enroll in our course, you'll get 6 months of FREE access to our exclusive HMAY?! Community ($180 Value) designed specifically to ask questions, share experiences, and connect with others!

Do you offer a payment plan?

We do! You can do one payment of $125, or four equal monthly payments of $35. Click HERE to use the payment plan! 

I'd love to gift this to a friend! Is that an option?

It's incredibly generous of you to invest in your friend's future marriage! We do have a gift option available if you'd like to purchase for a friend! Simply CLICK HERE to get started!

I'm ready to make one payment of $125

I'M READY TO MAKE 4 Payments of $35

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