Meet the Couple!

Glen & Yvette Henry

An introverted-extrovert, taurus, Enneagram 4, and stubborn homebody, Glen thrives off being creative. It’s why he shines making videos on his YouTube channel and coming out with new music. Yvette, on the other hand, is a social introvert, gemini, enneagram 3, and life-long learner who deeply enjoys the great outdoors (scenic hike, anyone?!). While we can be complete opposites at times, we have mutually submitted to God’s plan in our union and bring out the best in one another. Together, we’re always down to enjoy Netflix and chill, get a little competitive playing tennis, board games, and cards, and experience new things such as traveling to a new place or trying new foods at a local restaurant. 



Our 10 Year Vow Renewal

Meet The Family

"The Chocolate Babies"

A family of seven (including our labradoodle pup, Lily) living in sunny Southern California, we are all about being together whether we’re playing dodge ball in the backyard, relaxing at the beach, walking our dog, or laughing until our stomachs hurt during game nights.

Theo, our incredibly mature and eldest son, is known for loving others well and developing strong friendships. He perceives the emotions of others and knows exactly how to respond to make them feel seen and cared for. He’s also very athletic and acquired his mama’s love of friendly competition.

Uriah, fondly called “Riah Beau” in our circles, is a bright light in our home. His big smile and contagious laughter never fail to bring smiles to our faces with his silly humor, and his protectiveness of his siblings makes us proud. You can find him hunting for unique rocks as he runs towards his dream of becoming a scientist. Because of the way he creates his own fashion sense and walks to the beat of his own drum unapologetically, he encourages us to embrace our uniqueness. 

Anaya Zai is our third child and little princess, which is why after desiring a girl, we gave her a name that means “God answers,” since she was our reassurance that God hears our prayers. Naya is the perfect mixture of sweetness and strength; gentle-heartedness and power. She never shies away from a challenge, and isn’t afraid to stand up for herself and her wants. She’s a firm believer in everyday being a celebration, as she often runs around in sparkly sequin dresses, and loves doing hair whether it’s her own, Yvette’s, or her nannies’. 

Uziah aka “Uzi,” is the youngest of our crew and is the freshness and electricity we needed. He breathes new life into us and unites our family in the hue of God’s strength. This small and mighty kiddo is typically dressed in his beloved Hulk costume, and he is your go-to for anything Spiderman related.

How Married Are You?!

Whenever Glen would do something he felt was "extra" for Yvette, he'd log onto Instagram to ask his followers, “How married are you? Would you ___________?”

When we finally decided to create the podcast, and were trying to come up with a name for it our patrons suggested How Married Are YOU?! Since that had become such a popular question Glen asked. Hahaha! It has since become a segment on our show, and we get tagged every once in a while from people telling us just how married they are.

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Our Love Story

Fall 2007

Met at Point Loma Nazarene University

Already headed to a date, Glen didn’t pay much attention to Yvette when she helped him pack up his equipment after the Stomp the Geek event he was DJing at her school. Since he wasn’t necessarily her type, Yvette didn’t really think too much of him either except that he was a gifted DJ and nice guy. It wouldn’t be until another event about six months later that she would really notice him.

First Date at Starbucks

Though you may get a different answer as to who asked whom out on that first date depending on which one of us you ask, Yvette left that first date over coffee enthusiastic about where things could go and Glen saw potential for a real relationship, though he was uncertain at first.

March 2009

Making the relationship "Official"

We had just made our first purchase together: a picnic blanket from TJ Maxx. We picked up lunch from AppleBees and headed to Grape Day park in Escondido to enjoy the day together. Glen had talked about saving kissing for marriage, but we were not aligned on that sentiment - haha! We shared our first kiss and Glen concluded that we were now “official.”

December 2009

The Proposal

Five months into being “official,” Glen put a ring on layaway and asked Yvette’s parents permission to marry their daughter. We’d never gone ring shopping together, but Glen knew Yvette wanted a princess cut. At Yvette's parents' house, Glen got down on one knee in front of family and friends and asked Yvette to spend forever with him. She was completely shocked, but happily said, “YES!” 

August 2010

Our Big Day: The Wedding

Walking up to our cottage-style venue on a warm summer day felt like a dream come true. Everything had come together just as we envisioned, and while nerves were high, we had the utmost confidence in the life God had carefully weaved for us. Our close friends and family overwhelmed us with love and having them all in one place felt like home. When reception time came, Glen jammed across every inch of the dance floor, and Yvette did what she could to keep up. Looking back, we still feel God’s presence and deep gratitude.

August 2010

Honeymooning in Jamaica

After our perfect wedding day, we headed off to the Carribean to enjoy our first moments as a husband and wife. We ate, drank, and sat beach side at our All-Inclusive Resort and went on adventures like horseback riding, kayaking and snorkeling. 

August 2010

Our First Place: The Duplex

Living together started in a duplex in the back of a property in North County, San Diego with a cute enough yard. The layout was strange, but we made it work. The wall between the two units was thin, so we could always hear the family that lived next door. We were gifted our dining room set, purchased our own bedroom furniture, and the owner of the duplex let us have his ivory leather couch. We made it work. Very humble beginnings.

February 2013

Our First Kid: Theophilus

Just a few years after saying, “I do!,” we got pregnanct with our first child, Theophilus Patrick. Though our pregnancy was not planned, we were very excited and nervous when we found out about our little Theo!

June 2014

Unexpected Uriah

Finding out we were pregnant again so soon after having Theo was a HUGE surprise, so when Yvette's belly started growing, we were convinced it was a tumor. Turns out, it was our Riah! Only 16 months after having Theo, we had the other half of our dynamic duo!

January 2009

February 2015

Getting a House

Our townhouse style condo was two stories with two bedrooms and one and a half bathrooms. The upstairs had an attached garage that we entered through when we came home and it had a balcony off our master bedroom. This was also where Beleaf in Fatherhood started!

March 2017

Our Answered Prayer: Anaya

Two boys in, we truly felt like it was time for a little girl. Wow, did God deliver!! We were so excited for our baby girl, and this time around, Yvette decided to do a home birth. It was a beautiful experience for both of us. Watch her birth story HERE!

June 2020

Our Last Little One: Uzi

Looking at our three kids, we (well, Yvette) realized one thing: Theo and Riah were the best of friends, but Anaya didn’t have her own playmate. And then came baby #4! We had anticipated a girl, but Uzi makes for the perfect companion for Naya! Watch his birth story HERE!

December 2021

The Christmas Surprise: Lily

A lack of common sense led to our decision to surprise our kids with our labradoodle pup, Lily, for Christmas. At first, we were simply excited, but now we’re just whelmed because she’s practically a 5th child. Smh!


Madly in love. Extremely proud. 

As we continue this journey through life together, our goal is to continue to speak about marriage and parenting through books, podcasts, & courses, and by hosting retreats for couples and families. 
We're glad you're here!

Fun Facts

Yvette Henry


After listening to our kids grace our home with the sound of the piano for a few years, I recently decided I should learn too!

If you’re ever wondering what my weakness is, it’s WATERMELON sour patch kids!

No matter how many times I try, I cannot cook a pot roast. It’s a fail Every. Single. Time.

My craziest experience? Skydiving!! And honestly, I would do it again!

Teacher roots coming out here: Math worksheets are fun!!!

Fun Facts

Glen Henry


Before BIF started, I was working hard in music and I earned a gold record!

Everyone knows their ABCs, but do they know them backwards? I do!

Back in high school, I was my ROTC’s company commander.

I’ve had more than a few jobs… 27 to be exact.

Every time May 4th comes around, everyone is shocked that I’ve never seen Star Wars.

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