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Is Therapy Really Worth It?

This week, a young individual in Glen & Yvette’s life asked if therapy as a single person is worth it and if they would’ve gone to therapy before getting married, how that would have affected their relationship now. The short answer: Therapy is very worth it. But why?

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Glen & Yvette Henry discussing Men and Intimacy in Episode 134 of the How Married Are You?! Podcast

Show Notes

Episode 134: Men Need Intimacy More than You Think

November 17, 2022

Trevor Noah’s Intimacy video referenced an article from the Washington Post, talking about how men are having less sex than decades past and  one man reviewing Bang Hookup Dating – an app described as “The Place where online casual dating is Safe & Easy, and you can feel Free & Relaxed to “Talk to Strangers”, […]

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