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Is Therapy Really Worth It?

This week, a young individual in Glen & Yvette’s life asked if therapy as a single person is worth it and if they would’ve gone to therapy before getting married, how that would have affected their relationship now. The short answer: Therapy is very worth it. But why?

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Yvette & Glen Henry recording "We Stopped Couples Therapy" episode 142 of the how married are you podcast.

Show Notes

Episode 142: We Stopped Couples Therapy

February 21, 2023

Well… they didn’t exactly quit, but they are taking a break because Yvette will be taking on their previous couple’s therapist as her individual therapist! The Switch This transition was in the making for a while because she and the therapist got along so well, however, Yvette had been hesitant. She knew that couple’s therapy […]

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